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Slavery: Guilt v. Responsibility
Before I post this on WWF, any thoughts on language changes? Whether I should post at all?

A man in Alaska has filed suit alleging that the Fourteenth Amendment does not carry with it the right to hold public office. This particular frivolous lawsuit not only infuriates me, but concerns me.  Not that there is a bigot out there willing to allege that Barack Obama cannot be president because of his race, but that said crazy felt comfortable enough in the current sociopolitical environment to file suit challenging his candidacy. Not only that, but if you read through the complaint, there have been attempts in states other than Alaska to keep Obama off the ballot. I am not going to say that this man is representative of conservatives, or even the Republican Party.  But if you read the document, he is also a birther, and those crazies are more thick on the ground than one would think in a rational society.

These people drive me nuts.  Racists in general do, because of my background.  I am called to speak out against them, and there are so many....

I am a child of privilege in many ways.  Not only in the way that white people in general are privileged, but in a more particular way that those of us who are Southerners and who have roots reaching back to the antebellum period have.  A lot of my ancestors owned slaves, including one who was a plantation owner in Greene County, Georgia*, and who owned more than one hundred and thirty slaves.  (A horrifying number of those were children and teens. )

I have no guilt about the actions of my forebears.  I have not been a slave owner.  I have not supported slavery. I have not longed for a return to the plantation system of the antebellum South.

But as a descendant of those people, and one whose family has been shaped by the institution of slavery, I have a responsibility to support in whatever way I can efforts to overcome the lasting effects of that evil system. I say "support," because it is unfortunately not my fight per se; I can only give whatever aid I can and speak the truth as I see it. I am in no way a hero in this fight, and I don't want people to think I am trying to portray myself as one, just someone trying to do the best she can. If I feel guilt, it is that I have not done enough.

My forebears did evil.  To the extent can, I am morally compelled to support the correction of that evil.

*Oddly enough, this was not from the Greene side, but from my mom's side.  My dad's side is no cleaner, however.

The post about sexual violence and Plan B
The post  I wrote about it is now up at the Wild Winds of Fortune. 

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In case anyone is interested, I have posted my brownie recipe at Wild Winds of Fortune.  I have also posted recipes for vegetarian cornbread stuffing, cranberry & pineapple sauce and Key lime pie.

ETA: Ack! The brownie recipe was incomplete! I needed to state that 1 stick of Crisco is one cup, and that is you used butter you would need TWO sticks.  I have corrected in on the blog, but the RSS feed went out incomplete!

That's just odd : )
There are four people -- including me -- on my FB who have JDs. The other three... are all named Michael. And all go by Mike.

I guess I'm just collecting lawyers named Mike.

ETA: I was wrong. Checking my entire list, I do have a lawyer not named Mike on my FB friends' list. So, all the Michaels are lawyers, but not all the lawyers are Michaels.

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Christians who complain about how persecuted they are make me want to SCREAM. Sorry, but people thinking badly of you because you are a Christian a) happens a lot less frequently and b)has far far fewer social and political consequences than people thinking badly of you because you are a Muslim.

 On The Willows by Stephen Schwartz from Godspell (Rating: 0)

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!
Happiest of Birthdays to dangerpudding! I'm delighted to know you!

 JJ by Criminal Minds from Criminal Minds, Season 6 (Rating: 0)

My first fanfiction!
And In the End -- with spoilers for Criminal Minds Episode 6x2, JJCollapse )

Ahoy, matey
kightp, I just won cool mom points with my 14-year-old by mentioning (during a discussion of the upcoming "Talk Like A Pirate Day," which as it turns out he has been following since he was ten) that the "Talk Like a Pirate Day" web-wench was on my LJ friends list, and that I had actually met her.

Jan is back!
I managed to get Jan (my laptop, named after Johannes (Jan) Vermeer) back online. Hurrah! I'm still not sure what happened. Tomorrow's priority: backing the sucker *up*.

My laptop has died. As in, unable to reboot enough to give me a "sad Mac" face. As in total paperweight. If you need me, do not email - call or text.

Name that Tune, the answers
Okay, herewith the results of my Name that Tune from my soundtrack:

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My Soundtrack, Name that Tune
This is a soundtrack that I made for myself some time ago. Can you guess what songs these lines are from? Personally, I think the easiest are 7, 8 , 13 and 17; the hardest is probably 9.

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Answers are here.

Just a note...
In case you do not read the rss feed, since April I have resumed posting in my blogger blog, The Wild Winds Of Fortune, after letting it go dormant. Already this year I have posted more than in 2007, and more than in 2008 and 2009 combined. I have to admit, most of these posts have been about me rather than political issues, but that may change soon.

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What I'm listening to.
I have made several music mixes the past few days, and is my wont, given them names which will be totally undecipherable in a few weeks. My family hates this because it means that they will never know when they put in one of my mix discs what will crop up. Which is exactly why I like doing this. Hee hee.

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Amen, brother.
Penn and Teller on vaccinations.
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I have just seen "Despicable Me." I want a minion. Preferably the one named Kevin.

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Will not discuss politics with idiots in other people's journals. Wash, rinse, repeat.

 Marta by Anthony Crivello & Men from Kiss of the Spider Woman (Rating: 0)

Damn, I'm good.
Today, they cut the number of clerks in half, from 10 to 5.

They *kept* me. Over a number of more senior clerks. My grandboss told me my work was fantastic and I was a pleasant person to have around the place.

So my continued quest for world domination continued employment proceeds one step further.

 Happy New Year B by Original Broadway Cast from Rent: Original Broadway Cast Recording (Disc 2) (Rating: 0)

Two more people left today.

They handled it with grace, which is more than I can say about myself when the time comes.

On the whole, I have liked the people at this job better than any other I've ever held. This includes PAL, where although the circumstances were horrible at times, the people were great. Seeing them go saddens me.

But as, I keep reminding myself. all of us knew it was temporary when we took it.

I guess I just didn't expect to care so much.

 What I Did for Love by Priscilla Lopez from A Chorus Line (Rating: 0)

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